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South Beach Sexy, and I’m Not Taking About Cuban Cakes!

Miami is fantastico. South Beach is super fantastico. You have a beautiful beach with white sand and blue waters, hot women from all over the world, great clubs and restaurants, world class shopping, historical buildings, and an AMAZING collection of cars that are more numerous than hot Latina girls with big tits running down the beach in a […]

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The “Get the Sand Out of Your Vagina and Come to the Beach” Beach Party Letter and Invitation

**** IF YOU ARE GOING**** PLEASE leave a comment on the FB post that you are planning on being there. I want to try and say “hello” to each of you and I want to have a little gift for everyone that shows up! **** Dear Lovers (and Haters) of my Blog, I started writing […]

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The Next 2 Weeks: Boobs, Starbucks, and a Caribbean Cruise

BoostAndBoobs.com has been both fun and kinda weird. Mostly bc I can’t believe people actually read it and it has fans. I have a lot of fun with my blog, but it is so much God Da*m work all the time. At least I will be going on a cruise to just veg out for […]

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