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Saturday Nip Slip? Nope, Just a Turbo. New Shirts at DynoTech Dyno Day!

Mr. Matt Murgo, friend and fan of BoostAndBoobs.com and organizer of the monthly PETCO meets in RI invited me to be at a dyno day he’s organizing at DynoTech on July 21(Official Website: http://www.dynotech-tuning.com/ and Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Dynotech). I accepted. Because I cannot ever do anything normal and am always trying to find ways to be creative and to do fun projects, […]

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Phk the Fakery

Have you ever gone to a car show and seen a slightly offensive shirt that makes you say “Yep, that’s the sh*t!” Well, if you’ve been to a show around here, then maybe you’ve seen this guy…. Mr. F2DRI, car enthusiast, blogger and owner of Fresh2DeathRI, is the guy at your car shows that wears […]

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Love My Life, Love My Models: An Update

Technically, I shouldn’t bit*h about my life. My blog is turning out to be exactly what I want it to be, I’m starting and doing things that I set out to do, and I’m meeting and working with some amazing people. I can’t even say “Thank You!” enough to the fans of my blog for […]

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