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Vegas, SEMA 2012, and No Boobs. Seriously.

Last year, I went to SEMA and had such a great phking time that I had to go back this year. Like this week actually. Though I was in VEGAS, I actually saw no tits. Kinda odd considering I usually find myself in compromising posti situations, but I actually went to SEMA and saw cars. I was mostly blog […]

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Travels McTravelsen and Why I Phking Hate Packing.

                                                                                    I realized this morning I’m going to be gone and/or busy for the […]

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Science Becomes Sexy(and Green)

I have previously had discussions with Function Factory(an independent and innovative automotive parts company based in Philadelphia, PA) about the emergence of hybrid and electric cars losing the essence of what it means to be “a machine”  because of alternative “green” technology. Check their post and car pics from the 2012 Philadelphia Car Show and read […]

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