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Ann’s Dirty Little Secrets

Girl Crush Central! This is Ann Marie! The personality, the always happy silliness she brings everywhere she goes, and that baaaangin’ body! What a combo! No wonder I and ALL the boys I know are in love with this Boobtastic girl! The best part is, no matter how hot you may think Ann is, she […]

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Patriots Draft Party (MA)- April 26

I’ll be at the Patriots Draft Party tonight and I’m going to look for Mr. 87 and try to sit on his lap, but before I get to all that…. My friend sent over the VIP package for me for the event. I can’t even begin to explain how fortunate I have been in my […]

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Mass Tuning Meet- April 7th

Mass Tuning (Boston Car Meet) Saturday, April 7 I will be there. A day trip to Boston to enjoy the sights and sounds of awesome cars? Yes, please! I’ll def be there with all my guy friends and their big, bad, shiny, loud cars! **If you’re planning on going to any car meet that I’ll […]

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