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Vegas, SEMA 2012, and No Boobs. Seriously.

Last year, I went to SEMA and had such a great phking time that I had to go back this year. Like this week actually. Though I was in VEGAS, I actually saw no tits. Kinda odd considering I usually find myself in compromising posti situations, but I actually went to SEMA and saw cars. I was mostly blog […]

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South Beach Sexy, and I’m Not Taking About Cuban Cakes!

Miami is fantastico. South Beach is super fantastico. You have a beautiful beach with white sand and blue waters, hot women from all over the world, great clubs and restaurants, world class shopping, historical buildings, and an AMAZING collection of cars that are more numerous than hot Latina girls with big tits running down the beach in a […]

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Catch Me Ridin’ Dirty

I had a sport quad once. I loved it. Then I sold it. I’m sad. I want another one. Till then, I’ll just look at hot girls, half naked on all four…wheels….                Come’on now! Focus! I don’t know that I could be riding around on my quad this half naked, but daaaaaaYUUUUUUMMMM! These girls make me […]

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