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Cars and Copters: A Cancer Charity Car Event,…and Me,… and Candy. Obvi.

On Sunday, September 15, something awesome is happening in Plymouth, Mass. will host yet another year of Cars and Copters with a cause by benefiting The Jimmy Fund, an organization helping families with children fighting cancer. SEPT 15, Sunday, 9am 246 South Meadow Road, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360 EVENT PAGE: As friends and fans of mine […]

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Over the summer, I had the awesome opportunity to create and collaborate with High End Performance from NY on a video with several of their shop cars. doing awesome things! I can’t really begin to express how proud I am of this work and to have taken part in something like this… especially, being that I am […]

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No More Tit Sucking. I am a 1 Year Old Blog. is no longer a newborn. This is a Birthday Party! In fact, my little blog of raunchiness with occasional posts about cars will officially be 1 Year Old on October 14th! To celebrate such a momentous milestone of such an awkward achievement(I didn’t think my blog was going to last more than 1 month), we need […]

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I needed a break so I took one and for the last 10 million months, I broke up with you bc I needed space. It wasn’t you. It was me. But, now I’m back and I’m excited we are going to continue our online affair again and I’m hotter bc I lost weight so that […]

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I’m having 2 Birthday PartieS in the same night because that is just how I do things. There are 2 options so EVERYONE can come and enjoy hanging out with me for my Birthday! NO EXCUSES! BOTH parties are open to everyone. My friends, my fans, my haters, curious folk, car folk, and non-weird folk. […]

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As many of you have already figured out, I hardly do anything conventional and usually just do whatever I want regardless of what others may think. That, certainly was the case when I decided to throw my “Get the Sand Out of Your Vagina and Come to the Beach” Beach Party for fans of my […]

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Friday Collabo at High End Performance in NY

On Friday, and Model Aubrey are going to an exotic island for an exclusive shoot– we are heading to Long Island! Hollaaa! Friends High End Performance, through the introduction from Bob’s Your Uncle has given the awesome opportunity to shoot with High End’s RX7. The car was captured at the shop during my visit to their show in […]

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The Blue Beast, A Woody, and Summer Nationals

Saturday was a fun day at the park. I was with Aubrey and Neil and we were surrounded by a whole bunch of cars. We hung out with friends, met new fans, photographed with a car, spoke to car owners and ate a 9 inch long frozen banana with nuts. Well, Neil didn’t, but Aubrey […]

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Neil’s Subaru Story

From Neil verbatim: “When I decided that I needed to upgrade my life, picking a Subaru was the clear choice. Not only is a Legacy practical and sporty, it also for some reason attracts all the hot females to me as if a thirsty camel drawn to a watering hole in the Sahara. Also, since […]

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The Next 2 Weeks: Boobs, Starbucks, and a Caribbean Cruise has been both fun and kinda weird. Mostly bc I can’t believe people actually read it and it has fans. I have a lot of fun with my blog, but it is so much God Da*m work all the time. At least I will be going on a cruise to just veg out for […]

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