Vegas, SEMA 2012, and No Boobs. Seriously.

Last year, I went to SEMA and had such a great phking time that I had to go back this year. Like this week actually. Though I was in VEGAS, I actually saw no tits. Kinda odd considering I usually find myself in compromising posti situations, but I actually went to SEMA and saw cars. I was mostly blog un-productive(per usual) because I got too caught up talking to people and phking around to take any actual real pics of car things or of hot models shorter, skinnier, and big boobier than me. So instead of posting 900 million thousand pics, this is my “coverage” of SEMA 2012. Yes, I suck at car coverage. We know this. At least I got to party. Oh, and I got all my guy friends really phked up off shots of Henney and God knows what else. They were all wasted at the Falken VIP Party at Paris Las Vegas. Oh, the memories… I digress. Onto car things I saw…




Awwwww. It’s so pretty. I know that makes me look like such a girl saying that about Team Hybrid’s Supra (FB:, but I really am looking forward to more car awesomeness from them at SEMA. Yes, I am a ghey fan girl. IDGAF. I love Supras. You know that 2jz engine gets me all hot and bothered. I love the machine. I need two of them in my life. One, obviously in my future Supra, and the other, in my living room so I can look at it everyday. Wait, that wouldn’t totally work bc my music studio is in my living room. Ok, it can just sit on my dining room table under my chandelier. I fucking love Supras and this one is just all sorts of perfect. Let’s watch some porn together. The hardcore stuff starts at 1:00. Oh, baby: Team Hybrid Supra Sex Vid.



If you don’t know, there is a soft spot in my cold cold heart for military personnel–those serving and those that have served. I was very excited to see this car honoring those individuals through the Wounded Warrior Project.  This white(my favorite car color, btw) S2000 with Spectrum Silver Finish SSRs and the Neo-Chrome lugnuts was really great to see. I want to thank J2G Autosports for their dedication in sharing their car with everyone at SEMA and  through public exposure are making more people aware of the Wounded Warrior Project.




Jeeps. Of course I had to post pics of these. I secretly want a CJ so I can do stupid things in the woods. That last pic…. Yes, that is a hemi in that custom aluminum body. That Jeep deserves its own post. Here it is: Jesse Spade’s home built 1950 CJ-3A.



Benz and Benz. Because they are nice. The End.



So, these are both show car worthy and badass-ness. Built for function… cars I love the most.




Bad ass Trucks and SUVs everywhere these were too mutha phking awesome not to share with you guys!

That color. That rollcage. Those RotiForms.  Just looks clean.



So, here’s a Subaru that I’m obsessed with. I hate to say that there are fashionista things about this car that makes me love it so much, but this Sub is tailored. No, I’m not kidding. For one, I love the use of brown colors. Usually brown cars look shitty (no pun intended) to me, but for some reason this reminds me of expensive chocolate cake. When I say details on the exterior, I’m serious… It’s (p)leather(?) and there is amazing stitching. I only posted 2 pics here, but I tool like 25 pics of this car. It’s a Subie. It has stitching.


Here is Infinite Auto Design‘s R Class who told me this week that its going through a complete makeover for SEMA 2013. Can’t wait to see what it looks like this year! I love the look of this Matte grey Benz because of matte everything. Those Rotary Forged Satin Red F14 Forgestar Wheels are just too amaaazeballs.

Bagged and Boosted! Team SunWorks did an awesome job on the color scheme!


This is my friend’s FD from High End Performance-NY. This is the second time that I have seen it having undergone a complete transformation and it was awesome. It was at the Veilside Booth on SSRs. It was so nice seeing it there in all it’s glory! Also, because it was a little bit of NY right there in Vegas!


MMMMM this Wide Body GTR…. that wideness!

So, that is my really ridiculous coverage of SEMA from last year, but I could not end this without showing you the cutest car ever. Yes, those are heart-shaped wheels. Aww….

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