Travels McTravelsen and Why I Phking Hate Packing.


I realized this morning I’m going to be gone and/or busy for the next 7 weekends until April 27th(which is tentatively STILL free). Partly for and partly for travel scandals and partly for my Italian grandfather’s 80th birthday and partly so I can shoot hot girls in bikinis in South Beach, I assure you, all of it will be interesting.


Petco Middletown Meet, thou art a monster.

Travels not requiring  jet fuel, are events like the huge (what looks to be a Project X-like) Petco Middletown Car Meet going down in Rhode Island. I am certain this meet brings in more people during a 5 hour period on the day of the event than any other day of the tourist season in RI–its close to hitting 1000 “RSVPers,” with something like 28 days till the meet. I’ve gone to the      Petco Middletown Meet before and enjoyed meeting REAL gearheads, those that actually get dirty building their cars. Its a fun night to make new friends and just hang out. You have your occasional group of assphks that just piss off both the organizer and fellow car people, but they are usually dealt with and what is left is a huge group of car people that want no drama or burnouts or dick swinging or anything like that. It’s a car meet for people to hang out and chill. So, come to hang out and chill.


A new event for me which I’ve been invited to will be the Yuppie Racing “Yuppies go to Yummies” Cruise. I can’t wait to enjoy, meet and spend the day with some great cars and car owners. I haven’t been on this cruise before, (though have previously participated at Yuppie Racing’s Cars and Copters event), so I’m really excited! What is a gentle way for me to say this…. Hmm…. If you’re classy and an adult, please join us. If you’re not, stay home and eat rice. The End.

I have the snowboarding trip to New Mexico and then a secret party(don’t ask me about it bc I won’t tell you-Yet!) that I am planning on throwing , as well as a trip to Vegas for scandals and cocktails. Interspersed in all of that are trips to Manhattan for business meetings and dinners and events. Exhale….

All these travels require a lot of packing, which if you don’t know me well, is one of the top 3 things that I absolutely hate about life. I am a control freak and have to have things organized in a very control freak and organized fashion. Yet, packing is the one area in which I fail at having any structure in. I hate it because its cumbersome and I have 5 closets, 2 of them walk in and larger than most people’s bedrooms which requires me to have to go through my clothes in order to match what is appropriate to wear for each location and event while I’m travelling. I want to just wear a uniform.


stewardess01                  stewardess_back

I should feel blessed I can travel as much as I do, and I do really feel fortunate to be able to so. What I think I really should do is stop whining and just throw sh*t in my luggage and get on a phking plane.


One of my favorites for luggage, Parisian trunk maker, Goyard. What you’re looking at is a Ferrari… in the form of leather Goyard Trunks,…as in these Goyard trunks are the same price…. as a Ferrari….

Goyard Trunks

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