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Dear Friends and Fans and Curious folks and Haters,

I have had the craziest last 4 months of my life, and thus, took a break. Numerous family situations required me to stop my foolishness and inappropriateness on my blog, as well as on my Facebook because,…yes, there are times when douchebaggery must cease. This was one of those times.

The thing about is that, its all really just silly. My commentaries are highly sarcastic, my posts are usually ridiculous and filled with offensive language, and I am usually saying something vulgar about boobs or things of a sexual nature. After I found out that my father was diagnosed with cancer, I just couldn’t go on with BoostAndBoobs acting like everything was ok, when in fact, it wasn’t.

Taking this break during the time I focused on my family(and because I am a good Asian daughter and dropped everything to run to their side), being with him through emergency surgeries,making it through months of both chemo and radiation, helped me realized several things about myself and my life:

1. It makes sense that I do whatever the phk I want bc you never really know when your own life will derail you.

2. Family is really the most important thing in the Universe, slightly before fast and powerful cars and girls with a nice set of bouncy tits.

3. I was overwhelmed with the support from my personal friends, fans who I have corresponded with, and complete strangers during the time I was dealing with this. People actually care and have hearts and are compassionate.

4. I phking miss my blog life, my life, my little Facebook life, my car scene life, and my adventures and projects life. I miss the headaches and joys of having a little side piece called my blog.

Though I was with family, I never lost sight of and of what it really means to me. It has created a community of interesting and diverse people, many that I will never meet in my life, that have grown attached to the silliness I call my little nerdy Asian life. This blog  for me is NOT all about cars and NOT all about boobs. The site for me is a place I can share my life and observations about EVERYTHING, maybe about cars and girls and maybe NOT about cars and girls. I am not a car girl. I am a girl that loves cars. I also happen to love(and love to share) the other things in my life that I find awesome and not so awesome.

It has always surprised me why this site keeps getting popular and why the Facebook keeps growing, but I think it might be that somewhere and somehow on these virtual pages, I may give you a reason to smile or question what the phk am I doing. And, if even for 1 second of your day, I can make your day slightly that much more interesting, then as your friend/the person you love to hate, I have done my job.

Now that things have calmed down and my father is in recovery and getting better and stronger everyday, I felt that now was the right time to come back to blogging and being a douchebag online. I miss the car scene and meets and car owners and ricers and the amazing cars and talking with all of you on a regular basis. All of it is what I want all back.

This year for will be an interesting one of bigger and better projects and adventures, and I am so honored that you are here reading about my little journey, because really…. YOU are a big part of it, as well.

With that said, it is only right to have a comeback party, at some point, now that I have comeback, no? Who is up for having shots with me and starting a new year of Boost,…. and Boobs and everything in between?!

Thank you to all of you for making my life so rich and so of full of awesome.

Heart You All,

Yum Yums

Yes, I realize I'm on a beach and not even thinking about hot girls in bikinis.....

Yes, I realize I’m on a beach and not even thinking about hot girls in bikinis…..

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