Car Video with High End Performance-NY!

Over the summer, I had the awesome opportunity to create and collaborate with High End Performance from NY on a video with several of their shop cars. doing awesome things!

I can’t really begin to express how proud I am of this work and to have taken part in something like this… especially, being that I am just a dinky little blog…. I want to send a special “thank you” to professional bikini model, Aubrey Nicole, who added beauty and grace to the video, and to fellow blogger, Bob’s Your Uncle (their Facebook) for making introductions and making this whole collaboration possible. Also, thank you to Phenomenal Vinyl and to Long Island Detailers for their cars which were featured in the video!

I love watching this not only because Aubrey’s in it or because of the amazingly great cars. I watch the vid and remember the fun we had being together and working on this together as friends and car enthusiasts. I love my passions. I love my friends. Enjoy!

Through the genius of Lock Prod of ZoeTv Virtual Garage, this video was produced(More at Youtube:!

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