is Back, Bitch*s!

I needed a break so I took one and for the last 10 million months, I broke up with you bc I needed space. It wasn’t you. It was me. But, now I’m back and I’m excited we are going to continue our online affair again and I’m hotter bc I lost weight so that makes me more relevant.


1. I’m going to be focusing more on writing more content on the blog and less commentaries on My Facebook. Though I will still post car and boob pics, the deliciousness of is on my actual blog. I know none of you have time in your days to actually read all the smarta*s comments about the BS that I find and need to write about, but if you are about to stab your eyes out at work bc you hate how your day is going, hopefully finding your way to my blog will give you something to smile about. Its a new set-up that you may hate, but my blog is why My Facebook exists, NOT the other way around. If you hate this new format, then stop visiting my damn blog! Heart you!

2. will be 1 YEAR OLD on October 14th! And because I am not an infant milking the large mammaries of the interwebs as a newborn anymore, we are celebrating with a birthday party! October 20th in Providence, Rhode Island will be our playdate! The Invite/Event Page will be up on My Facebook soon, but mark your calendars! ALSO, I will be dropping a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT during the same time, so please stay tuned for that…. because it INVOLVES YOU!

3. is and has ALWAYS been about cars and NOT about cars. If you are a new fan or an old one, previous posts of mine have been loosely related to cars. I have NEVER said that I am specifically a car blog, so please do not come here expecting to read technicalities about motor swaps or anything of that sort. People, readers, fans, haters forget that I started and built this blog to document THINGS IN MY LIFE that I want to write about–cars, boobs, furniture, jewelry, my travels, mt friends’ car builds, more boobs, etc., etc. I am not a service or a resource and I do not owe any of you anything. I am staying true to why and how I do what I do and have done things with

4. I love hearing from all of you and you are more than free to leave comments here, email me anytime at:, or you may always leave comments on my Facebook. I also encourage all of you to try to come out to any events that I have planned. I am not scary. In fact, it is important to me to have events were ALL car owners can just hang out and have a good time to eat candy and to make new friends and get High Fives. I started to foster a fun car community of individuals all sharing the love and hate of being a car owner and lover of boobs.

Beach. Bikini.

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3 Comments on “ is Back, Bitch*s!”

  1. October 9, 2012 at 9:38 am #

    Having just launched my own Enthusiast Site/forum as well as a FaceBook page for that site, I can tell you that you’re not alone when it comes to trying to find a healthy balance between coming up with new content for the Website and posting content on the FB page to keep people at bay during the daytime. This is especially true when you’re doing 90% of the work for both outlets in addition to working a regular 9-5. I really need to try and find a way to make more time to write for the site because it’s what I love. It’s just sometimes everything collectively can be a bit overwhelming.

  2. Raul
    October 9, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    Yay!!! I’m glad your back I miss you!!!

  3. October 10, 2012 at 9:31 am #

    Well, i have been working on my new blogspot, but its gonna be sparsely populated as i haven’t even had time to start posting anything, let alone head to some import shows.
    I wish you the best of luck.
    Benson T

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