I’m having 2 Birthday PartieS in the same night because that is just how I do things. There are 2 options so EVERYONE can come and enjoy hanging out with me for my Birthday! NO EXCUSES! BOTH parties are open to everyone. My friends, my fans, my haters, curious folk, car folk, and non-weird folk. Let’s have a good time and party!

If I do not know you or if we have never met, please do not let that deter you from coming to an event(especially parties) because I welcome everyone and am inviting ALL of you! I am usually very keen on new faces and will introduce myself to you and thank you for coming. Or, you can just come up to me and ask for a High-Five, which I will be more than happy to give!


This is open to anyone  that does or doesn’t own their own balls. I have numerous lanes rented out just for fans so if you and a group are planning on coming, you guys can all have a lane together! I want us to have fun, meet new people, and get competitive. I encourage you guys to introduce yourselves to each other and get to know each other. I don’t want cliquey groups of people isolating themselves. That’s not why I started and it is also not why I organize these sorts of events…. especially one for my Birthday. We are, in fact, all there because it is a event AND because we all either love boost and/or boobs. See, everyone already has something in common with each other! If you don’t want to ask someone what kind of car they have because it’s a very touchy and private subject, ask them what they think is the perfect cup size on a girl. That should break the ice.

There will be a table set up where you will pay your $5 for bowling, then you will get your shoes and will go to the lanes with all the balloons! I’m really excited that we can do this together because the volleyball game was such a success! I want to see everyone with their balls ready to play!


Booty Poppin'(11pm-2am)

After bowling, there is an hour intermission for you to go home, get dressed and ready to drop it like its hot. Paragon/Viva in Providence has given me the whole place to throw the party and invite everyone to join me in celebrating my Birthday! There will be a bar with 3 hot bartenders and a DJ and Balloons and Goodie Bags and a Million Cupcakes! Whether or not you like to dance, please come out and have a drink and just stare at all the hot girls! Even super duper more awesome is that Aubrey Nicole will be here, too!  I love to dance and its my Birthday. Even if the “club scene” is not your scene, this night its a and you belong there as much as anyone else! Please wear something nice so when we take scandalous pictures together, you will be the classy looking one. 


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  1. Arcelio Rodriguez
    August 1, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    Um… any chance you had photos taken of the vollyball game? Just curious…

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