Beach Day Awesomeness

As many of you have already figured out, I hardly do anything conventional and usually just do whatever I want regardless of what others may think. That, certainly was the case when I decided to throw my “Get the Sand Out of Your Vagina and Come to the Beach” Beach Party for fans of my blog.

I would like to think that car guys are the friendliest people I know, but that is the furthest from the truth. Car guys are actually highschool girls, just in man bodies. They whine, and gossip, they make “pretend” friendships, they backstab, and console each other, they have man dates and then purposely exclude others by making others know they weren’t invited. They do all these things and they do it to each other even though in the end, all of them love the same thing–cars. People forget to relax and just have fun. My blog is just ALL FOR FUN, so why shouldn’t the events I organize be as well?

The purpose (and the continued effort) for me organizing and inviting EVERYONE to the events that I do is to let car guys know that they can hang out with other car people and its ok. I want it to be judgefree zone where people come together to just ENJOY each other’s company and not brag or diss anyone about their cars. I will talk to everyone that shows up to my events because I am glad that they came out. It might be a little nerve-wracking to just show up to one of my events, but I will never make someone feel out-of-place. If you are a fan of my blog(and even if you aren’t) and you like cars, please come to an event. I promise, I won’t bite because I would probably draw blood bc I have braces, and so I will greet you with a High Five and welcome you!

What I saw on my beach day was that people genuinely wanted to just hang out, and that is what we did. Because of the great turnout and what I saw as a real interest, I am committed to organizing more of these events in the future. I think its healthy and fun. So, here are pics from my beach day!


Aubrey and I being us. As much as we work and run around, it was so nice to spend the evening together just hanging out with friends, meeting fans, playing volleyball, and just being there together!

The net was a hell of a project in its self. I believe in this 900th attempt, seawood was used to anchor it into the sand…. Let’s see how this held up….

….Dan had to fix it. Being the Man, MacGyver Dan and his tape and zipties not only saved the net, it saved the day! Oh, and the pole broke bc I was trying to be a beach stripper and straddle the pole… which lead to breaking the pole in half, flashing the teams with undergarments, and almost eating sand when I fell.

While team A was busy trying to set up the net and prepare for the game, Team B sat on the grassy knoll and made fun of them. Be glad you are only seeing Kevin’s nipples here. I saw his buttocks the moment he introduced himself to me.

Here is Aubrey hanging out with the guys from the grassy knoll a.k.a. Team B, the Maker Funners of Team A. Dan Mack also showed up and brought friends with him! The more the merrier!

Though we had numerous players, there were also spectators and fans watching from the sidelines. Here is friend and fan of my blog(and fan of Aubrey!), Mr. Eric who was able to hang out with us after working all day! Thank you Eric for making time for us!

Best portrait shot of the day goes to good friend, Taco, who helped assemble the net! I love this picture for so many reasons. Mostly because Taco is a friend who came out to just enjoy a Sunday afternoon together with friends. He looks so relaxed and handsome! Heart you, Taco!

The volleyball game in full swing. Some may see two teams playing a game. I see success of another goal I set out to do. The majority of people in this picture do not know nor have ever met each other before. Yet, everyone converged on the beach and are playing a game of volleyball together–all strangers, all car enthusiasts. I felt I had achieved something big this day, and I felt that I captured it in this picture.

In order for people to easily find me, I pretended to be a traffic cone in my neon orange dress. Against the backdrop of the beach, I look like I was photoshopped in, which kinda looks cool. Yes, that dress was really that orange. Ask all the players on the volleyball teams that I blinded.

Team Serious. These guys were doing great! Fans and Friends of my blog! Oh, and those are serious car boys, too!

Here is Aubrey and Russian Mike, close friend and Fan #3. That is right! Russian Mike is the 3rd Facebook fan I ever had! This week, I will probably hit close to 1700 Fans/Likes! WOOOOW!

Aubrey taking a breather from the game to hang out with me on my beach blankey. I actually didn’t even play volleyball. I was having too much fun talking to people and just watching what was going on.

More friends and fans! Thanks to the guys that drove all the way to the beach to play volleyball!

All play and no work. Its nice to see these guys just having down time, but damn they got serious playing volleyball!

Thank you to EVERYONE that showed up! You made my day a success and I couldn’t have done it without you guys! Hope you had fun and I will see you at the next event!

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