Friday Collabo at High End Performance in NY

On Friday, and Model Aubrey are going to an exotic island for an exclusive shoot– we are heading to Long Island! Hollaaa!

Friends High End Performance, through the introduction from Bob’s Your Uncle has given the awesome opportunity to shoot with High End’s RX7. The car was captured at the shop during my visit to their show in June. Drool here:

I’m nervous, but I remind myself that I am doing this because I love cars and travelling and having fun and being with friends and shooting Aubrey and hanging out and being around good people. Also, I have never been one to shy away from doing anything that I really want to do. I cannot wait for the outcome of this shoot! Thank you to Bob’s Your Uncle for leading me to the man behind High End Performance, and a special thanks to High End Performance for allowing my little blog to have such a great opportunity!

Friday in the early morning, Aubrey and I will head down to NY for the day and will be shooting with the car. Don’t forget to check Facebook on Friday for teaser shots and silliness of what is going down! Leave comments on FB or email  at to wish us luck!

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