The Blue Beast, A Woody, and Summer Nationals

Saturday was a fun day at the park. I was with Aubrey and Neil and we were surrounded by a whole bunch of cars. We hung out with friends, met new fans, photographed with a car, spoke to car owners and ate a 9 inch long frozen banana with nuts. Well, Neil didn’t, but Aubrey and I sure enjoyed it!

Things that made me happy:
1. I laid down in the grass and shared my thoughts with Aubrey and Neil about future projects for It was nice to just lay in the soft grass, look up at tree leaves and aimlessly ramble on to my friends.

That grass was amazing to lay on while I was discussing the intense complexities of running a blog about cars and boobages with Neil and Aubrey.

2. Seeing people just sit around during a beautiful day with their beautiful cars is really nice to see.

3. Aubrey whipping out a teeeny bikini from her already tiny purse and proclaiming we could shoot the Blue Beast after I asked her, “You think we could shoot. Oh, wait… you don’t have a bikini on you, do you?” Some girls pack coupons and condoms in their purses. My model phking packs an extra bikini just in case there is ever a car we need to shoot on the spot. That car was an Acura RSX Type S and belongs to fan of the blog, Mr. Jeff Lee. Enter Blue Beast:

Oh, hey there…

Full frontal of Jeff’s car.

OMG! The car had a decal in it even before I made them! Just kidding…. I put my logo on there so it could look cool like BECAUSE RACECAR.

The car was clean and was beautiful! We added Aubrey:

Aubrey is always ready to shoot… in cars ready to shoot!

Other pics from our day at the park:

Was great to see different people on different modes of transportation! Thanks to the guys that came to hang out with us!

Awwww… its so cute! Its so wittle!

Oh, look at that! Its sexy WITH and WITHOUT a sexy model on it! But, only slightly sexier and probably faster when Aubrey is modeling on it.

Though there were many cars that Aubrey loved, I think this Woody got her the most excited!

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