Neil’s Subaru Story

From Neil verbatim:
“When I decided that I needed to upgrade my life, picking a Subaru was the clear choice. Not only is a Legacy practical and sporty, it also for some reason attracts all the hot females to me as if a thirsty camel drawn to a watering hole in the Sahara. Also, since I’ve been driving my Legacy, it seems to attract model types such as Aubrey. It really has nothing to do with all the manliness seeping through my pores. It has everything to do with the fact that… I drive a Subaru.”

Actually, the above story is completely false. I made it up bc when I tried to contact Neil to ask him about his car, he was already asleep.

More Subaru awesomeness from BoostAndBoobs HERE

Subarus are sexy. Here is proof:

Subarus bring out the Sexxxy.

Neil makes Subarus Sexxxy.

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