Phk the Fakery

Have you ever gone to a car show and seen a slightly offensive shirt that makes you say “Yep, that’s the sh*t!” Well, if you’ve been to a show around here, then maybe you’ve seen this guy….

Mr. F2DRI, car enthusiast, blogger and owner of Fresh2DeathRI, is the guy at your car shows that wears the shirt that will either make you feel good about yourself(and your car) or make you feel like a poser bc of how you decided to outfit your car with those fakey fake wheels.

F2DRI IS a wheel snob. Let’s just say he’s not down with the fakery. I’ve met several of these “snobs” that show no mercy when it comes to Rotas, XXRs, Drags, Varrstoens, etc., etc… Yes, companies make fake wheels which are replicas of other companies’ real wheels. F2DRI and others like him just don’t understand why car owners would cut themselves short by putting replicas on their cars. I could say that maybe he needs to calm down, but I hate bi*ches that walk around rockin’ fake Louis Vuitton bags. Let me say something: If you are walking around wearing some “hot designer” shit acting like you’re hot shit and I am staring at you bc I’m wondering WHY you are wearing fake shit acting like its real, don’t give me hater eyes bc I can tell your stuff is plastic. Ok, ok…. I’m calm…. calm….

Let me make this easy for those of you that are going to send me hate-mail bc I’m calling out fakey wheels:
Say you just spent $40,000 on that brand new Asian Import(no not a mail-order Asian bride) and you’re putting wheels on it. By not doing your research and then by being impulsive, you buy some cheap ass replica/fake wheels…. What you’ve done is just ruined your car bc you just spent all that money buying a really great car which you then disrespected by buying wheels not worthy to be on your car. Be real with yourself. Be real with your car. Be real with the wheels you decide to put on your car and make sure you’re not buying wheel replicas of wheels that are real. Does this make sense?

***Anyways, I am hearing through the car scene grapevine, that F2DRI is working on up to 4 new designs for shirts which will be available at the F2DRI booth that will be at Honda Fest on July 8th. OR if you can’t wait till then for a “F*CK YOUR FAKE WHEELS…” shirt contact F2DRI at Shirts cost $20. Get some!

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One Comment on “Phk the Fakery”

  1. June 14, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

    Thanks for the awesome Feature!! Sometimes you have to tell it the way it is… 🙂

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