Weekend Recap: Real Girls, Cars, Marshmallows

I spent the weekend doing lots of doing nothing very productive(weird syntax, but you know what I mean). Regardless, I had fun because of the things I went to and did. Here are the pics of the weekend. Nothing glamorous or frou-frou. We are real girls being real and enjoying the mini adventures of the weekend. Even though Ann and Aubrey are models, they are awesome AWESOME girls to be hanging out with. I’m so fortunate to have them not only as my models, but my friends, as well. **Click on pics for better viewing!**

Hard Parking, a monthly meet in Worcester, MA, was ridiculous because it was VERY HARD to PARK ANYWHERE. It was a “musical chairs” of a night having been kicked out of 3 different locations and driving all over Worcester. Though it may have been a hassle, it was great to see the commitment and dedication all of the car owners had to the meet. It seemed as though EVERYONE was still eager to park, hang out, and enjoy the company of other car enthusiasts. Ann, Aubrey, and I were in that group.

Aubrey and Ann looking cute in the girl-mobile driving to Location #3 of the night during Hard Parking.

Originally, I wanted to shoot the girls in the location that Hard Parking is usually at–a parking garage. That didn’t happen for reasons out of the Hard Parking organizers’ control. So, we just took some pics for fun with my friend, Russian Mike, who was gracious enough to let me shoot the girls with his ///M3 just so I could see what the girls would look like with a shot/s in the night.

After I decided to do test shots, the girls put on bikini tops and sexy wedges along with the short shorts they were already wearing. I wish I could rock this look with the cutoff denim shorts, but I just do not have the body to rock this look…. You would have to look like this:

Ann looking HOT!

Russian Mike being P.I.M.P. with the girls. We have a vodka date soon to see who is the vodka drinking champion of our universe. He thinks he has a upper hand because he’s Russian. We shall see and I will be sure to report on the shot-for-shot challenge that I have accepted.

Russian Mike with Ann and Aubrey.

This is the first time I did a test shot with the two girls together. I really loved what the pic captured having two models in the same pic. Def something to incorporate in future shoots and pics.

The Girls with the ///M3.

Fan of BoostAndBoobs.com, Neil, hung out with us, as well. The girls and I were walking around when I heard someone ask for a High-Five! All my fans are encouraged to find me and ask for one wherever I’m at. I give them out for free….and then I ate all of Neil’s friend’s Twizzlers. Yea, I’m that kid. **Friend of Neil, I owe you a bag of Twizzies.**

Aubrey and Neil and Neil’s Subie.

Sat night, I went to a concert to support a non-for-profit organization. It was really nice because live music is always awesome, and desserts are equally as great! Do you know that the only other food I love more than marshmallows is cotton candy? I’m eating chocolate covered marshmallows in the pic, thus the moonshaped round face. While everyone was cleaning up after the concert, I took all the balloons I could hold, grabbed the last marshmallow, and sat down and watched everyone work.

Being awesome.

Sunday was Import Face-off at New England Dragway. I go to events and only take pics of things I want. If you want car coverage, then go to the show yourself or find a different blog (F2DRI.com). I did manage to meet up and talk with Joseph Moschini of Team XXX Racing and capture this pic of Ann and the car!

Ann with the Team XXX Drag Car.

Best pic of the weekend?! Ann on this bada*s…. scooter. The End.

Being cutesy always.

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