Just Got Sexier

Everyone knows I love hottie girls, so you can’t possibly be surprised that I needed to add more sexy to my life. My friend Ed knows that if I could live beside a sorority of deliciousness, I would. And now the exciting news…! I am pleased to announce the new hottie in my life! Please meet the beautiful Ms. Aubrey Nicole. Not only does the girl know how to booty shake (as confirmed by this past weekend’s spontanious scandals), but she’s got a grace that I like that I believe women should always posses– a mix of sexy and class. Yes, girls that are sexy and graceful… are EVEN MORE SEXY. Take notes, boys.

I’m excited and happy that she will be part of the family with my other sexy favorite, Ms. Ann Marie.

***Please look forward to seeing both Ann and Aubrey at the F2DRI booth at HondaFest on July 8(1, 2). I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated, but def mark your calendars and stop by the booth! F2D is an Official Sponsor of HondaFest so be sure to stop by and check out the girls and take pics with them and have some FREE F2D cookies and stickers, buy F2D and merchandise, and enter for numerous giveaways!

Double Delicious! Please Meet Aubrey and Ann!

I realized that I am pretty spoiled. I get to write random nonsense about cars(which I know nothing about), go to car meets and shows, talk to car owners, and take pics and hangout with yummy girl models! Here’s a little eye candy for everyone to enjoy. Don’t get your monitor sticky. Ignore the weirdo Asian chick in the middle, that would be me.

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