Ann’s Dirty Little Secrets

Girl Crush Central! This is Ann Marie!

The personality, the always happy silliness she brings everywhere she goes, and that baaaangin’ body! What a combo! No wonder I and ALL the boys I know are in love with this Boobtastic girl! The best part is, no matter how hot you may think Ann is, she is one of the sweetest and most honest and real girls you will ever meet. I am honored that she is part of, but more importantly, that she is one of my close friends. Love you, HotPants! Or in this case, Hot Lacy Panties!

Please look forward to more pics of Sexy Ann on and Don’t forget to check out and LIKE (and love) Ann’s Facebook Fan Page: HERE!

5 Things About Ann:

1. Ann is a vegetarian. [Not a meatlover? Oh, really, Ann?]
2. Ann has 4 screws and 2 rods in her neck. [Ask her and she’ll tell you why.]
3. Ann hates making out! [Ann, we might have to break up now!]
4. Ann won the 2012 WAAF Hill-man Morning Show Mantown RedSox Bikini Contest in Boston! [Because she’s the hottest chick in the game! DUH!]
5. Ann is a NATURAL 32DD! [Yep, perfection!]

Oh, so crush worthy:

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