Archive | May 15, 2012

Ann? Aubrey? Bikinis? Hard Parking Meet on May 18? Yes, Please!

Yep, is going to be shooting girls in bikinis at Hard Parking thanks to the permissions given by the higher ups! Hard Parking is once again upon us and this time I’m extra excited because both of the models will be there with me! That’s right! Ann and Aubrey will be at the […]

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Aubrey’s Dirty Little Secrets

Model Aubrey Nicole is awesome and SO HOT!!! Obviously, you can tell by her pics and what will soon be 10s of thousands of fans that love her, that she is many a man’s dream girl(and many girls’ girl crush!)! Yep, Aubrey will probably hit 20,000 Facebook LIKES by this weekend and we know why! […]

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Ann’s Dirty Little Secrets

Girl Crush Central! This is Ann Marie! The personality, the always happy silliness she brings everywhere she goes, and that baaaangin’ body! What a combo! No wonder I and ALL the boys I know are in love with this Boobtastic girl! The best part is, no matter how hot you may think Ann is, she […]

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Everyone knows I love hottie girls, so you can’t possibly be surprised that I needed to add more sexy to my life. My friend Ed knows that if I could live beside a sorority of deliciousness, I would. And now the exciting news…! I am pleased to announce the new hottie in my life! Please […]

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