Miami: Land of The “WTF Cars”

Nothing like enjoying the cold New England funneries, but I needed to work on my tan and I’ll be in Miami and Key West for the next 11 days.
One thing that Florida is great for is the ridiculous amount of cars I see–from the insanely “WTF are you thinking?!” to “Holy WTF hotness!” And because this blog is kinda a car blog/mostly about boobs and rando things I find interesting in my life, I will be posting all the goodies and baddies I find during my trip!
This, by the way, is a video clip I took of a car I saw 5 minutes after I was picked up from the airport the last time I was in here. That’s right,…5 minutes on Floridian soil and I was blessed with this American piece of eye candy.

If this was pink, it somehow would remind me of a flamingo.

Here’s a “WTF moment.” Go ahead, watch the clip a couple times. You’ll need to, to process all of it….

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