Our Engagement- Your Turbo Necklace

Mr. Robert West is a genius:


Seeing as now we are having an online love affair, I thought it was only fitting to buy you something to consummate our loyalty and commitment to each other. I could have bought you a REAL turbo for the same price, but wouldn’t you rather have a yellow or white gold turbo hangin’ from your chain? Car jewelry, turbo necklace! So nice!

WrenchHead Jewelry’s Automotive Jewelry


**Girls, if you want to get your man something(or get yourself some thing new) get him this. Who wouldn’t want a turbo necklace? Or, if his car (or yours) really needs a new turbo, then really just buy the real turbo.

Courtesy of WrenchHead Jewelry’s Automotive Jewelry:

“This 14KT Gold turbocharger pendant features a moveable turbine mounted on a Sealed and Permanently Lubricated Stainless Steel Bearing with Ceramic Internals.”



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2 Comments on “Our Engagement- Your Turbo Necklace”

  1. jake
    January 27, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    where can you buy this?

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